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Climate in Canada

The climate in Canada at the time of your visit will be of great importance to your Canadian vacation experience. 
By checking climate data online, you will get an impression what kind of weather to expect in Canada within a certain time-frame. 

Mean temperatures and precipitation for a specific location

Canadian weather forecast

Nothing as unpredictable as the weather, right? 

Nevertheless, by checking data regarding the past weather conditions in Canada you will gain a better understanding of what type of weather to expect at your time of travel in Canada.

Check historicly climate data for several locations regarding

  • temperatures, and
  • precipitation

I found some very helpful links provided by the Government of Canada.

Sunset at Quadra Island

Mean temperatures and precipitation Canada

  1. Open the Government of Canada Climate Data page
  2. Select 'search by Province'
  3. Select a Province and press 'Go'
  4. Click a location of your choice to view its average temperature and precipitation per month
Big country, big differences in weather

Canadian weather forecast

Check your Canadian weather forecast

Enter your destination in the local weather forecast Canada headline. View the current local Canadian weather conditions and see what to expect the next couple of days.

Long range weather forecast Canada

Late afternoon sky above Raft Mountain, BC

Take a look at the current 14 day trend Canadian weather forecast, provided by the Canadian weather network.

My advice? Study the climate in Canada through provided links. Don’t let your vacation fall apart due to unexpected Canadian weather conditions. Circumstances you could have foreseen if you would have known...

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