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Where to Go

How to travel in Canada

Group travel

Coach tours

Train travel

Road trips

Where to travel in Canada

Map of Canada

Travel British Columbia Canada

Western Canada

Eastern Canada

Travel across Canada

Popular destinations in Canada

When to Go

Canadian Vacations

When to visit Canada

The climate in Canada

Canadian vacations

Kayak vacations Canada

Dog sledding vacations

Ski Alberta

About travel medical insurance

Guided Trips

Guided trips and tours

Guided hiking trips

Guided kayak trips

Dog sled trips

Small group tours: Dutch Wolf Tours


Camping in Canada

Free campsites (Western Canada)

Free RV camping

Camping etiquette


Canadian wildlife

Mountain pine beetle


American black bear

Kermode bear (a white black bear)

Canadian polar bear

       *   Polar bears in Canada

        *  Polar bear watching tours

Grizzlies in Canada

Bear watching


Whale watching in Canada

Whale watching in British Columbia

Road Trips

Road trip planning guide

Travel across Canada

My favourite Canadian road trips

Unique Canadian road trip destinations

Low budget: cheap road trips

          Road trip itineraries

Itinerary samples and road trip ideas Canada

Road Trip Ontario and Quebec (21 days)

Travel across Canada (27 days)

Itineraries for British Columbia

Vancouver to Calgary (11 days)

Calgary to Vancouver (12 days)

Destination Calgary

En route: Calgary to Banff

Sightseeing Banff

From Banff to Lake Louise, Alberta

Yoho National Park, BC


Taxes in Canada

Tailored itineraries

Travel Medical Insurance


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