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Canadian Vacations

Explore various first-class Canadian vacations.

Whether you love asphalt or rails, crispy snow or warm summer days, solo treks or group travel, adventure or stillness, a vacation in Canada will leave unforgettable memories.

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Road trip vacations         

Train vacations       

Dog sledding vacations

Group travel tours

Ski vacations 

Kayak vacations

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta

Canada offers endless outdoor recreation possibilities, a magnificent variety of landscapes, rich wildlife, and unspoiled wilderness.  

Friendly and helpful residents, good infrastructure, and the ambition to offer top-notch service and quality in the tourism industry, are all ingredients to enjoy a superb vacation in Canada.

Road trip vacations

Great road conditions, beautiful scenery, and huge distances make Canada my favourite country to discover by car, RV or motorbike. 

Discover the most scenic and diverse road trips to travel Canada.
Check maps and facts of the best road trip destinations.

Great road conditions, beautiful scenery, and huge distances make Canada my favourite country to discover by car, RV or motorbike. 

Discover the best road trip ideas for Canada

Explore the travel map of Canada                               

Travel British Columbia Canada

road trip Canada

Train vacations

Train Travel in Canada

When a country is as big as Canada, driving across it can take several days, which can be an ordeal; and flying across it means you miss seeing the sights. The train is the perfect compromise.

Discover stunning landscapes by rail. It’s exciting, comfortable, and always a fun experience.

Several railroad companies offer train tours and passenger train travel in Canada.

Step aboard, and enjoy train travel in Canada.

Dog Sledding Vacations

dog sledding is a real Canadian adventure

The sound of panting dogs, the view of a damping dog team, the crisp air and smell of winter, the sense of your cold cheeks in contrast to your warm body, and the mental connection with your dog team...

A dog sledding vacation in Canada offers an unique hands-on outdoor experience.
Several outfitters offer dog sled tours in Canada.

Read more about dog sledding vacations in Canada 

Group Travel

Group travel is the way to go! Group travel tours have some great advantages.
Share your experience, sit back, relax, save yourself some money and increase safety.

Check group travel benefits

More about Canadian vacations: bus/coach tours

Group travel in Canada

Ski Vacations

Sun Peaks is one of the great ski areas in Canada

Experience the famous ‘champagne powder’.

Whether you love alpine skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing, a ski vacation in Canada is a highlight for every snow wooer. Discover ski areas in Alberta

Visit the Canadian Ski Council to learn about special programs -such as corporate lift passes and grade 4 & 5 deals-, safety tips, special events -like the Toronto Snow Show-, and to discover ski areas within Canada.

Kayak Vacations

Looking for an eco-friendly weekend getaway or for an active adventure trip of a lifetime?

Explore Canada’s waters, see wildlife without disturbance, and get closer to nature.

Kayak vacations Canada, the most beautiful and pristine wilderness experience you can imagine.

Sea Kayaking in Canada

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