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TourGuide Canada’s road trip books describe the most scenic routes to travel in Canada. 

The road books are ideally suited for the individual traveller who wants to get a grip on their road trip.

Plan your Canadian road trip with the help of my E-road trip books. Just follow the suggested itinerary and enjoy all the freedom! Unlike travel booked through a travel agent, you can adjust your travel itinerary whenever you like. Can't get enough of the Rocky Mountains? Just stay a day longer!

My road trip books are interactive PDF documents  you can download after payment. Use them on your tablet or phone. No extra books in the suitcase! 

TourGuide Canada is not a travelagent, nor related to any. Therefore, you will have to arrange your own flight, rental vehicle and reservations for accommodation / activities. 

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What's included in the road trip books

My Road Books contain ' day-to-day ' descriptions including:

  • A travel/accommodation schedule with travel destinations and suggested number of nights to stay
  • Maps with links to interactive maps that show the
    - travel routes
    - highlights
  • Timetables 
  • Directions 
  • Facilities en route
  • Selection of the best activities 
  • Relevant additional information such as
    -addition of taxes to products,
    -use of bank cards,
    -tipping in Canada,
    -phone and internet plans
  • Links to relevant brochures 

What YOU need to arrange: 

  • flight to destination 
  • rental vehicle
  • reservations for
    - campsites or hotels
    -  activities along the route (not always needed; depending on travel season and type of activity)