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Guided Trips and Tours

Whether you are a Canadian citizen, or a foreign visitor, guided adventures offer surplus value to your Canadian vacation. 

Five reasons for joining guided trips and tours

A professional guide adds value to your outing.

  1. You discover spots that you would never have come across on your own.

  2. A guide shares his or her knowledge.

  3. A guide instructs specific techniques.

  4. Joining guided trips and tours makes your vacation safer (e.g. when hiking in bear country).

  5. Having a guide around is convenient, as you don’t need to do detailed homework ahead of your travel adventure.

Guided kayak trips

Looking for an eco-friendly weekend getaway or for an active adventure trip of a lifetime? Guided kayak trips offer the most beautiful and pristine wilderness experience you can imagine. Whether you are a veteran or a first time paddler, kayaking is the most exciting and environmental friendly way to explore Canada’s waters, to see wildlife without disturbance, and to get closer to nature.

Discover more info and find outfitters who offer guided kayak trips at kayak vacations Canada.

guided kayak trip canada

Guided hiking trips

The most exquisite and environmental friendly way to travel in Canada is by foot. Whether you are a fanatic backcountry hiker or a lazy stroller, guided hiking trips will offer surplus value to your Canadian vacation. 

More info, and to find outfitters who offer guided hiking tours or day trips at guided hiking trips.

a guided hike

Guided dog sled trips

The most thrilling and authentic way to travel in Canada is by dog sled. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran musher, guided dog sled trips will let your heart beat faster! 

More info, and to find outfitters who offer dog sledding in Canada at dog sled trips.

a guided dog sled trip

Whale watch tours

Canada’s oceans are host to various whale species (cetacean). These are the focus of interest for whale watch tours. Most species are migratory and present in food-rich Canadian waters, only for a specific time-frame.  The best season to go whale watching in Canada varies per species. 

Find out when the different species inhabit Canadian waters at whale watching in Canada.

Check the different whale species and decide where to go whale watching in British Columbia

whale watch Zodiac

Polar bear watching tours

Explore polar bear ranges and find out the best time and place to travel to Canada to join polar bear watching tours.

Where to go to see polar bears in Canada

polar bear watching tours

Group travel tours

Group travel is the way to go! Share your experience, sit back, relax, save yourself some money and increase safety.

More info about group travel tours

group travel tours

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