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Itinerary Samples and Road Trip Ideas Canada

The best itineraries and road trip ideas for Canada.

Check FREE itineraries to travel Alberta or download my E-books (PDF).
Use the itineraries as a guideline for your Canadian road trip.

road trip calgary to banffapproaching the Rockies from Calgary

I created various itinerary samples and road trip ideas for Canada.
Seven good reasons to check my road trip ideas for Canada

Itineraries to travel British Columbia Canada 

Itineraries to travel Alberta Canada

Road Trip E-Books:

Vancouver (British Columbia) to Calgary (Alberta)

Calgary (Alberta) to Vancouver (British Columbia)

Round Trip Vancouver-Victoria 

Road Trip Ontario and Quebec

Travel across Canada

Free download:
Vancouver International Airport to downtown Vancouver

Seven (7!) good reasons to check my road trip ideas Canada

1- No (pre) vacation stress

Using my travel itineraries will take away any vacation stress.  Why would you reinvent the wheel, as I’ve already boiled the ocean?
In my profession as a tour guide, I have carried out all offered itineraries in western canada up to 30 times. Each time I travel a section, I adjust the itinerary in great detail, in order to offer the best travellers’ experience.

tour guide on boardtour guide on board

2- Private tour guide

If I’d be in the position to join you on your trip, I would guide you exactly the same way as presented in these tour itineraries.
Using my road trip ideas and itineraries is like having a private tour guide on board.

3- Most scenic routes

Offered travel itineraries include the most scenic routes within Canada.

4- The best sights and activities selected

It is not my intention to include every single activity or sight along the route. Presented sights/activities/outings are carefully selected, based upon quality and feasibility within the proposed day schedule. 

5- Tailor your own trip

Whether you

  •   have two days or three weeks to spend,
  •    like to drive 50 or 500 km -30 or 300 miles- a day,
  •    travel with kids or with your best friend,
  •    enjoy to camp or to sleep in a luxurious resort, 
  •    get up at 6 am or like to sleep in,
  •    are a city boy or a countryside girl,

it’s never been easier to get inspired by my road trip ideas for Canada and to tailor your trip according to your personal preferences.

6- You are an independent traveller

Pick and book your own accommodation, rental car and optional activities. Upon request, we are happy to offer personal advice and additional road trip ideas for Canada to you.

7- Tour Guide Canada’s experience

  • During summers, I have guided over 30 small group tours. The tours last 12 - up to 18 days and each tour covers 2000-3400 km/1250-2100 mi. 
  • I crossed Canada -Coast to Coast.
  • I’ve explored many destinations most Canadians haven’t even heard of.
  • I’ve compared various excursions –such as whale watching tours, - hiked many different trails –from easy day hikes to strenuous backcountry treks- , and experienced numerous adventures offered by various outfitters – from a floatplane sightseeing tour to rafting class III-IV white water.
    Hence, I tasted many great places and experienced lots of adventures.
  • Above all, I love sharing my knowledge and passion for travel in Canada! 

Road trip ideas for British Columbia, Canada

Get the best out of your travel in British Columbia, Canada. 

Find the best road trip itineraries and city trips within beautiful British Columbia.

Travel British Columbia Canada

Road trip ideas for Alberta, Canada

travel alberta

The majestic Rocky Mountains, vivid turquoise coloured lakes, wild roaring rivers, ancient moving glaciers,  good chances to  spot wildlife- such as grizzlies and black bears, elk, mountain goat, and bighorn sheep-, endless hiking trails, world famous Lake Louise and Banff, jewel of the Rockies...

Travel Alberta, Canada and experience the best of this world!

Destination Calgary, Alberta

En route: Calgary to Banff, Alberta

Sightseeing Banff, Alberta

Road trip Banff to Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise Alberta to Yoho National Park, British Columbia

The Icefields Parkway: Lake Louise to Jasper, Alberta

Vancouver to Calgary

road trip vancouver to calgary

An eleven-day, 1750 kilometres / 1100 miles, road trip itinerary from Vancouver to Calgary. 
The designed route is the most scenic and interesting route from Vancouver to Calgary.

Starting at the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, British Columbia, ending 1100 m/3600 ft above sea level in Calgary, Alberta.

Road Book Vancouver to Calgary

Calgary to Vancouver

Calgary to Vancouver

A twelve-day, 1750 kilometres / 1100 miles, unique road trip from Calgary to Vancouver. 

Starting 1100 m/3600 ft above sea level in Stampede City, Calgary, Alberta, the itinerary guides you along the majestic Rocky Mountains, BC's Interior and the spectacular Coastal Mountain Range.
Your road trip ends in at the Pacific Ocean in metropolis Vancouver, British Columbia.

Road Book Calgary to Vancouver

Travel across Canada

travel across Canada

Travel across Canada; many Canadians add it to their bucket list. 
A -once in a lifetime- cross Canada road trip; from the Wild Pacific to the North Atlantic Ocean, or vice versa.

It takes quite some effort to optimize your travel plans.
Check the road book to travel across Canada when you need a guideline for your journey, or when you do not have the time and energy to create a cross Canada road trip itinerary yourself. 

Road book to travel across Canada

Road Trip Ontario and Quebec

road trip ontario and quebec

A 21-day, 3300 km/2050 mile, circle road trip through Ontario and Quebec. 
Starting and ending in multicultural Toronto, capital city of Ontario.

This road trip is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love to camp. Alternate driving with hiking, cycling, canoeing, rafting, wildlife watching, and a visit to Old Quebec City and Capital City Ottawa. 

Road Trip Ontario and Quebec

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