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When to visit Canada?

What season to visit Canada depends on what you want to see and do during your vacation.

Each time of year has its highlights and each season has its own characteristics.

Many people travel Canada to see vast and rugged landscapes. They enjoy a touch of adventure, some more, some less. Most travellers find nature in Canada simply overwhelming. One thing they all have in common: they get excited by seeing wildlife...

Canadian Rockies

What season to travel

Climate facts

Road conditions in Canada

What season to travel in Canada

Each season has its charm. Let me give you a short summary.

foraging black bear


Canada is wonderful to visit in springtime!



dogsledding Canada
  • View the great salmon run and watch bears trying to catch them.
  • Follow the southbound migration of whales.
  • Be amazed by the rich colour palette during Indian Summer.
  • Enjoy a more quiet time of year and late season prices. 
  • And after the first frost no Mosquito’s!


General climate facts Canada

  • Canada has 4 different seasons and 7 climate zones.
  • The more north you travel, the colder it gets.
  • The closer you are to the ocean, the more moderate the climate will be.
  • The further away from the ocean, the more extreme temperatures you might experience -hot summers/cold winters.
  • In general, the west side of a mountain chain receives more precipitation than the east side. 

Weather in Canada

The weather in Canada at the time of your visit will be of great importance to your Canadian vacation experience.

Check the climate in Canada page for more in depth information regarding historic average temperatures and precipitation by region and season.

Road conditions Canada

When is the best time to enjoy a Canadian road trip?

If you are looking for generally decent road conditions in Canada, I would suggest travelling early May until the end of September.

Be aware that there’s always a risk of snow, avalanches, mudslides, washouts and flooding when travelling in Canada through mountainous areas.
However, also flat areas can be affected by heavy rainfall, combined with high snowmelt runoff (most common during springtime). These conditions will make water levels rise, possibly followed by flooding rivers. 

The best time to drive and visit Canada

Summertime will always be the best season to travel Canada.

Road conditions could be dangerous during wintertime. Make sure you use winter tires and carry chains in your vehicle from October 1 until April 30. When driving a rental vehicle, make sure to check the tires for the winter tire pictograph: a snowflake inside a mountain.

Check the road conditions Canada forecast.

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