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This book helped my dream trip become a reality!!

My husband and 2 teenage children spent 3 weeks in Canada in July . I have been wanting to go to Canada for 30years so booking the trip and trying to plan

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Buy it. This is the only guide you need

I thought a bit before purchasing this Road Book. I admit I thought it just a little bit expensive for a pdf file. I have no regrets though. Josette’s

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Fabulous road trip book

I just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous road trip book. I have just returned from 4 weeks in Canada (from Australia) and used your book for the

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Kayak Vacations Canada

Find outfitters who offer kayak vacations in Canada. Get closer to nature! The most exciting way to see wildlife is by kayaking Canada’s waters.

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Polar Bears in Canada

About the polar bears’ range, diet, and habitat. Polar bears in Canada are the least abundant bear species.

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