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Canada Group Travel

Not sure yet if group travel fits your style?
This page, points out some great advantages of joining a tour group while travelling in Canada.

Group travel tours in Canada

Share your Canadian experience

Travel groups often consist of people who share the same interests.
Sharing laughs, fascination, and joy definitely increase your Canadian experience.

I’ve guided many group travel tours in Canada.
I’m still in touch with quite a lot of participants and I from what I have heard, several are still seeing fellow travellers.
Some have become best friends, others partners. The majority however, just had a great time together while travelling; lots of laughs and unique conversations. They shared some pictures afterwards.

Canada Group Travel Reviews

Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery

Why sit hours behind the wheel while you can sit back and enjoy the scenery without getting drowsy?
Canada is huge! It’s almost 10 million km2 - 3.8 million square miles - after Russia the biggest country in the world.
Unless you prefer staying at a specific destination, you will cover great distances, even if you ‘only’ travel one province.

Joining group travel tours can save you some expenses

Most outfitters and accommodations offer a discount to travel groups when they book an activity/adventure with them.
Most likely, a travel agent will book your lodging. However, you might get a discount on any additional activities.

Make sure to ask the provider for a discount upon booking.

No more thinking!

Most of us have to make lots of decisions in daily life.
You are on vacation in Canada: let go of control!  You don’t even need to think what to wear the next day.

Good tour guides will give you next days' itinerary, including the weather forecast and what type of clothes to wear for your next adventure.... just relax!

Group travel tours increase safety

  • Organized group travel tours always come with a certified tour guide who knows the area and holds a valid first aid ticket.

  • Forget about cell phones in Canada.
    Due to the enormous distances there are huge gaps in coverage. While in most cities you will be fine, you probably won’t have any cell phone reach in the back country – not even on major highways! Most foreign visitors don’t realize this. They assume their tri-band cell phone will work anywhere! Nope!

  • There might simply not be any help close to you once you’re out of town. Even if you are able to reach 911, it still might take a while before any help will arrive....Oops.
    Fortunately, you joined a tour group!

Canada group travel

Did YOU join a Travel Group during your Vacation in Canada? Write about it here!

What did you like best about group travel in Canada? Why did you decide to join a group in the first place? Share a funny story or a cliff-hanger. Tell us why you have regrets for joining a travel group. Share your experiences with others!

What Other Group Travellers Have Said

Click on the links below to see reviews and stories from other travellers. They were written by participants of tour groups.

The guide with the daily 'white' blackboard Not rated yet
My husband and I decided to join group travel into West Canada. A tour-operator and guide both know the highlights you should see as well as the best …

Click here to write your own.

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