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Coach Tours Canada

Coach Tours Canada. The comfortable, economic, and carbon friendly way to travel Canada.
You only need to sit back, relax and enjoy.

motor coach

Travel comfortable

Types of tour buses

Travel penny wise

Typical coach tours

Carbon friendly travel

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Travel comfortable

Tour Escort
Coach trips are usually accompanied by tour guides or escorts.
A tour guide will not only provide you with information, he or she also takes care of the logistics.

Large tour buses will carry a washroom. A toilet on board comes in very handy, when distances between rest-areas can be up to 100km/60 miles or more. Especially when you’re in bear-country and there is no rest area nearby when you need one, it is reassuring to know there is no need to squat in the bush!

An experienced driver knows the route and the best places for a rest stop.
Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. A good chance you’ll see some wildlife too.

Travel Canada penny wise

Organized group travel will often be cheaper than solo-travel.

Once you calculate all expenses like fuel, car-insurance, entrees, and ferries you realize bus tours are a relatively cheap way to travel.
These expenses are all included in the tour price. At first glance a coach trip might seem more expensive. However, once you take a close look you know better.

mini coach

Carbon friendly travel

Travel by motor coach has the ultimate ‘carpool factor’.

Your carbon footprint impact will be relatively small when joining a coach tour in Canada.
Together with train travel in Canada, coach trips offer relatively carbon friendly travel solutions.

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Passenger Van

Types of tour buses in Canada

There are three most common types of tour buses:

  • Large motor coaches which carry up to 47-56 persons (sometimes only half filled)
  • Mini and mid-sized coaches will carry up to 21-33 individuals
  • Passenger Tour Vans seat a maximum of 14 persons

Typical coach tours in Canada

There are many different types of coach trips in Canada.

  • Single –half or full- day trips. Like a Vancouver sightseeing tour or a wildlife viewing trip.
  • Shuttle services. For example, transfers between the airport and a tourist destination.
  • Multi-day tours. Escorted tours, like a sightseeing road trip through Western Canada or a Mystery Tour.
  • Coach charters. Bring your friends and enjoy your own Canadian coach tour.

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Coach tours Canada. Share your laughs and experiences with others.