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Dog sled trips

The most thrilling and authentic way to travel in Canada is by dog sled. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran musher*, guided dog sled trips will let your heart beat faster! 

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Dog sledding: a thrilling experience

An authentic way of travel

Three reasons for joining a guided dog sled trip

Outfitters offering dog sledding in Canada

Personal impression of a dog sledding tour

Siberian HuskySiberian Husky

Dogsledding: a thrilling experience

I’ve worked several seasons as a dog sledding guide; I still get an adrenaline rush when I go for a run with a dog team.  Dog sledding is a thrilling experience, and I will never get used to the power of the dogs and their eagerness to run.

Nevertheless, I love the sound of panting dogs, the view of a damping dog team, the crisp air and smell of winter, the sense of my cold cheeks in contrast to my warm body, and the mental connection with my dog team...

An authentic way of travel

Native people of the North have always used sled dogs to pull freight.  With the arrival of the ski-doo, sled dogs were getting out of favour.  Although, some people still prefer using dog teams, as dogs are edible if worse comes to worst...

Three reasons for joining guided dog sled trips

Unless you own your own dog team, the only way you can get on a dogsled is by joining a guided dog sled trip. Not a single outfitter will offer you a dog team without a guide.

Depending on the terrain, and the combined weight of the sled and passenger(s), a regular tour dog team will consist of 4, 6 or 8 dogs.

No outfitter works the same

Some outfitters offer self driven sleds. You will be mushing** by yourself or together with a guide. If you’re on the sled by yourself, a guide might join on a ski-doo or on his/her own dog team.
Other outfitters let you sit in ‘the bag’ while a guide mushes the team. You might take turns mushing /sitting in the bag.

a dog sledding tour early FebruaryI visited in Whitehorse the start of the Yukon Quest,a 1000-mile international dog sled race. The day after I joined a dog sledding tour. The conditions were perfect!

#1: Safety   

A dog sled guide definitely increases the safety of the trip. 

  • All certified guides are First Aid and CPR qualified.
  • A guide recognizes potentially dangerous settings. He/she knows the trail and the tricky stretches, so able to prevent uncomfortable situations such as tip-overs.

#2: Knowledge

  • A professional guide knows the dogs inside out. The dogs will obey their leader (read the guide) as they respect his/ her superiority. 
  • A dog sled guide instructs how to harness and how to mush a dog team.

#3: Convenience

  • No need to do detailed homework ahead of your dog sled adventure.
  • The guide knows the route, is familiar with the weather forecast, the distance and elevation difference of the trail. You just have to wear the proper outfit and enjoy!

Impression of a dog sledding tour

As a former dog sledding guide, I’ve guided hundreds of memorable dog sled trips.
Take a quick glance at this short video showing some footage of guided dog sled trips.

Outfitters offering dog sledding in Canada


* musher (noun) definition according to the Oxford dictionary:
the driver of a dog sled

** mush (verb) definition according to the Oxford dictionary:
go on a journey across snow with a dog sled.
They got into the sleigh and mushed over the ice and snow

Mid 19th century: probably an alteration of French marchez! or marchons!, imperatives of marcher 'to advance'.

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