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Ski Alberta

Discover Alberta’s ski areas.
Ski Alberta and freak out on alpine Rocky Mountains’ slopes or enjoy peaceful cross-country skiing on the Prairies.

As your online Tour Guide to Canadian Travel, I highly recommend you to visit Canada in wintertime to discover the magic of Alberta’s enchanted white wonderland.

On this page:

Skiing the Rocky Mountains

Ski resorts in Alberta

Alberta ski hills

Map ski areas in Alberta

Skiing in the Rocky Mountains

Skiing the Rocky Mountains

Alberta is one of those fortunate corners on earth where you’ll find the light fluffy snow crystals called powder, that is adored by skiers and boarders worldwide. If you are a passionate and experienced skier or boarder, skiing in the Rocky Mountains is most likely on top of your wish list.

Sunshine Village, Alberta

Ski resorts in Alberta

Besides alpine skiing and snowboarding, popular Alberta ski resorts usually offer multiple snow activities such as night skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and/or snowmobiling. 

Alberta ski hills

The smaller local ski hills offer fun for the whole family. With just 1- 3 lifts, these smaller hills offer friendly ticket prices, and a safe environment for kids and inexperienced skiers.

Ski Alberta Map

The ski map shows 36 ski areas within Alberta, Canada.

  1. local ski hills,
  2. cross-country ski areas, and
  3. ski resorts in Alberta, Canada.

How to use the map

The map shows for each individual ski area its

  • name,
  • geographic location, 
  • link to the official website,
  • elevation base/summit,
  • ski able acres, 
  • number of lifts and runs/trails,
  • lift operating times,  
  • possibility for ski rentals.

How to use the map

Use the map within this website or access the map in a separate full screen window (recommended).


The icons show the type of ski area:

  • Alpine skier icon:  Downhill skiing
  • Mountain icon: Skiing Rocky Mountains
  • Cross-country skier: Cross-country skiing only 
  • Ski lift icon: Downhill and cross-country skiing

Zoom in to enlarge a region. The zoom in/out icon is located in the left bottom.

Hold and drag
Hold and drag to move around on the map.

Site info
Click on a specific site to view details such as the vertical drop, number of runs, and additional information.

Find directions from any location to a specific ski area, by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the description box.

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