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Popular Destinations Canada

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta

Catch the intense turquoise color of Moraine Lake on a clear day, around 11 a.m.
The exceptional color is a reflection of the green-blue rays of light by the glacial sediment.
Walk up the rock pile for the best scenery.
On a perfect day, the lake mirrors the ten peaks surrounding it.

Please do not feed the rodents or any other wildlife, as they get habituated to people and become potentially dangerous. I once had one hanging onto my pants!

Best time of the year to visit Moraine Lake

  • The best time to visit Moraine Lake is summer as the road is closed from early fall till late spring due to avalanche risk. 
  • Try to visit Moraine Lake before 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. as there is limited parking and a high volume of visitors.
  • Use the Lake Louise shuttle bus service at peak hours 

Location of Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is located in the valley of the Ten Peaks within Banff National Park, Alberta.

  • Follow Lake Louise Drive for 2 km’s from the Lake Louise Visitor Information Centre.
  • Turn left onto Moraine Lake Road and follow the road for 12 km.

moraine lake banff national parkMoraine Lake, spectacularly situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks

The Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, British Columbia

The Wild Pacific Trail wanders through lush old-growth groves of twisted branches, roots, ferns, and mosses of the temperate coastal rainforest as it hugs the wild coastline of the Ucluth Peninsula.

Plenty of benches give you the opportunity to rest and to fully indulge yourself in this fantastic scenery. Enjoy watching the wildlife such as whales and bald eagles.

The Wild Pacific Trail is a newly developed trail along the tip of the peninsula.
The part I like best is the Lighthouse loop. As the name suggests, it goes around the lighthouse and offers spectacular vistas.

bald eagleCanada's west coast is home to the bald eagle

Trail characteristics
Length:  2.5 km loop
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1-2 hours
Elevation gain: 30 metres / 100 feet

Where is the Wild Pacific Trail located?

The wild Pacific Trail is located on the Ucluth Peninsula on the western shore of Vancouver Island, just south of Ucluelet (pronounced; you-klew-let).

Ucluelet means ‘safe harbour’ in Native language. 
Contrary to the sheltered location of the town, the Wild Pacific Trail is located at the very southern end of the peninsula and faces the Graveyard of the Pacific head on. The rocky coastline has a volcanic origin and is dotted with tiny Islands.  Fog, currents, and storms have made many ships crash on hidden rocks and onto the rugged shoreline.

Best time of year to walk the Wild Pacific Trail

  • Year round.
  • Late February to late March is the best time for watching the Grey Whale migration.
  • I have seen humpback whales near the lighthouse mid-summer.

Visit the website Wild Pacific Trail

Read more about Whale Watching in British Columbia.

wild pacific trail, ucluelet bc,view from the Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

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