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Map of Canada

The travel map of Canada shows several scenic routes to help plan your travel vacation in Canada.

Each of the itinerary samples shows the most scenic route for a specific area.

I personally travelled all the suggested routes. 

Check this map of Canada to discover the different road trip ideas.

Description of the various road trips

  1. Travel across Canada: Coast to Coast             BLUE line combined with RED dots

  2. Vancouver and Victoria: a four-day round trip   RED line combined with BLUE dots

  3. Vancouver to Calgary in eleven days               GREEN line combined with dark GREEN dots

  4. Calgary to Vancouver in twelve days               GREEN line combined with dark GREEN dots

  5. Ontario and Quebec in 21 days                      YELLOW line combined with YELLOW dots

1. Travel across Canada: Coast to Coast

A bucket list trip for every Canadian! 

Behold British Columbia’s Pacific Ocean, discover rumbling waterfalls, admire the majestic Rocky Mountains with turquoise coloured lakes, cruise Alberta’s badlands, and gaze at Saskatchewan’s prairies with its endless skies. Meet Manitoba’s friendly people, be amazed by Ontario’s Great Lakes including roaring Niagara Falls, drive the Rideau Heritage route and Historical Kings Road, visit capital city Ottawa, and charming Quebec City within Canada’s New France. Experience the tidal fluctuations of the Bay of Fundy and much more...

road trip Rocky Mountainsviewpoint along the road in the Rockies

Best time of year

26+ days

Travel distance
7250 km/4500 mi

Activities and such
go out on a hike – paddle – enjoy boat trips –view magnificent wildlife  – ride a gondola - visit  National Historic Sites, World Heritage Sites – explore Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec City –immerse in hot springs – experience the history of fur trade – study petroforms – absorb native culture – witness world’s biggest tidal fluctuations

The map of Canada illustrates this road trip in the layer -Canada Coast to Coast-, and layer - directions Vancouver to Halifax.

Visit the Travel across Canada page to uncover the best of Canada!

Discover travel destinations in eastern Canada.

2. Vancouver and Victoria: a four-day round trip

Explore Vancouver by pedal bike, cross the Georgia Strait by ferry. Enjoy a scenic drive across the Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island. Visit the world renowned Butchart Gardens, discover Victoria by foot.

Best time of year

4-day round trip

Victoria's Inner HarbourVictoria's inner harbour

Travel distance by car

185 km/115 mi

Activities and such
pedal biking - sightseeing - ferry travel - scenic drives - mountain viewpoint - city walk - botanical gardens

Discover Vancouver and Victoria

In the map of Canada: red line and blue dots 

3. Vancouver to Calgary: from Sea to Sky

Starting at the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, British Columbia, the itinerary guides you along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway, through the spectacular Coastal Mountain Range, and continues along BC’s Interior and the Cariboo Mountains, famous for its waterfalls.

You will be flabbergasted by Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, including one of world’s most scenic roads, The Icefields Parkway.
Turquoise coloured Lake Louise and Moraine Lake in Banff National Park are just a few of the beautiful mountain lakes to explore.

Your road trip ends in Stampede City Calgary, Alberta, located at 1100 m/3600 ft above sea level.

In above map of Canada: green line/dots

Best time of year
Late June - half of September

11 days

Travel distance
1750 km / 1100 miles

Activities and such
pedal biking - rafting - horseback riding - hiking - boat rides - canoeing - gondola rides - wildlife watching - river safari - hot springs - Canada's National parks

Redirect me to the road trip Vancouver to Calgary

Mount Robsonapproaching Mount Robson, British Columbia

Check Travel British Columbia Canada for road trip maps and itinerary samples that fit into the Vancouver to Calgary road trip.

4. Calgary to Vancouver: from Sky to Sea

This route is the same as route #3 Vancouver to Calgary however, in reverse order plus an additional day in Calgary.

Check out the Road Book Calgary to Vancouver

5.  Ontario and Quebec

road trip ontarioSouth Algonquin, Ontario

This itinerary covers the best of Ontario and Quebec

You will travel huge distances, and therefore you will see a big part -and most of the highlights- of both Ontario as Quebec. Experience a taste of everything; wildlife such as bears and whales, waterfalls, historic roads and cities, cycling, hiking, fishing and canoeing within several provincial and national parks.

This road trip is marked yellow in the map of Canada.

Best time of year
half of August to early October

21 days

Travel distance
3100 km/1925 mi. 

Activities and such
Within the itinerary sample, there are opportunities for hiking – canoeing – biking - wildlife viewing such as bear-, whale-, moose- and beaver watching, visiting National Historic Sites  – exploring Toronto, Quebec City and capital city Ottawa and experiencing native culture

Go to Road Trip Ontario and Quebec

Itinerary Samples and Road Trip Maps for British Columbia and Alberta

These pages offer single day itinerary samples:

Road trip itineraries for travel in British Columbia, Canada

Destination Calgary

Road trip Calgary to Banff

Sightseeing Banff

From Banff to Lake Louise, Alberta

Visit Yoho National Park, British Columbia

The Icefields Parkway

Kinney lakeKinney Lake at Mt Robson trail

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